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The San Jose Sharks

Written by Mark Anthony Smith

There is nothing like northern California Hockey! The San Jose Sharks are on the rise off the northern west coast as fans all around San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco and all over northern California head out to watch the Sharks take a bite out of anyone brave enough to step on the ice. These Sharks smell blood this season and after a few disappointing seasons, the legions of San Jose fans are getting their tickets fast! Sharks tickets are the best ticket out there right now! Everyone is heading out to the SAP Center at San Jose, also known as ‘THE SHARK TANK’. The Sharks are celebrating their twenty fifth year in the National Hockey League and expectations are high this season as something a little special is expected with these Sharks! The team of the Bay area is one of the most popular in the Western Conference but still is packed with quite some challenges this coming season. While the two other teams of California are possibly the most competitive in the league as the Anaheim Ducks always seem to dominate all season out of Anaheim, and the Los Angeles Kings always seem to find their way deep into the post season! With the Ducks and Kings alone, the Sharks have quite the challenge. But the Nashville Predators always seem to be at the top as well in the Western Conference. For a matter of fact, only the Edmonton Oilers and the Arizona Coyotes finished the season under .500. Other than those two bottom tier teams, the Sharks had the worst record at 89 points… just eight shy of making the playoffs. And still seven games over five hundred! Not too bad for a team at the bottom of the standings. 

This is why 2015-2016 is not a reason to count the Sharks out. There is no doubting these guys at all! The Sharks are bringing back their best players such as Joe Pavelski, Logan Couture and Joe Thornton! With these three players that can score, pass and win—there is no stopping this hard hitting, fast skating, goal scoring team! The San Jose Sharks will ignite the SAP Center in San Jose this season! So get your Sharks tickets now! The Western Conference is going to be the wild west all over again! Especially, when the Kings and Ducks come into town. Both teams have super stars and legions of fans that will head north to catch their team beat on the Sharks. So get your Sharks tickets and make sure your team is supported as they take a huge bite into the hard, hard west! No time to wait! Nobody will be left bored as the National Hockey League continues to thrive after a few rough years and a strike. Now there is no holding back as the wild fans of Hockey will be blessed with some great hockey once again! Hockey use to be an east coast kind of thing—but now with the Sharks, Kings, Ducks and many more western based teams—HOCKEY IS EVERYWHERE!

San Jose Sharks History:

The San Jose Sharks came into the league in 1991. The team became a franchise just as Hockey was paving its way as a favorite pastime for the United States. Before the Sharks came into the league, the west coast of the United States was pretty limited in pro hockey teams. Beside the Los Angeles Kings who had been in the league since the 1967, there were no remaining teams on the west coast. The Kings represented the west coast of the United States all by themselves. But with the addition of the Sharks, the Kings were no longer alone. The Sharks paved the way for more teams to come into the western side of the states such as the Dallas Stars, the Colorado Avalanche, the Phoenix Coyotes and of course the Anaheim Ducks who dropped into the league just a few seasons after! The Sharks have been a huge part of the National Hockey League! Although the team has not yet won a Stanley Cup, they have won six division titles and have remained a competitive team most of their years! The Sharks started off with losing teams in their first few seasons, yet they remained one of the most popular teams and were ranked one of the top merchandising sales—as everyone had to own a Sharks cap or T-Shirt. The Sharks finally made their first post season in 1993, their third season as an eight seed. As the team was clearly an underdog, they shocked the hockey world and stunned the Detroit Red Wings, one of the most dominant teams of the 90’s. The Sharks barely won 3-2 in game seven and moved on to almost pass up the Toronto Maple Leafs in a seven game series. With their new success as only a three year team, the Sharks made another post season in 1995. 

The team was starting to find an identity when they brought on Coach Daryl Sutter in 1997! Making a few playoff series, but never advancing deep into the post season! The Sharks would find more success in the 2000’s. Their biggest success in 2008 after bringing in a lot of new faces such as Rob Blake and Claude Lemeiux, and ended up winning the PRESIDENT’S TROPHY! The award goes to the team with the best record in the NHL. They had 117 points and went on to battle the Ducks in the first round—surprisingly they lost! The Sharks have had a lot of bad luck in the playoffs, but that’s just the way hockey goes! Now it’s time for the Sharks to play the underdog and go into 2015 as a less than favorite and bring home a cup! It’s time for Sharks hockey, so get your Sharks tickets now!

San Jose Sharks Fan Experience:

You haven’t experienced hockey until you experienced the ‘SHARK TANK!’ The SAP Center in San Jose features some of the rowdiest fans in all of sports! Don’t forget that the Sharks are a nation-wide favorite for fans all around hockey! The Sharks will be taking on some great teams such as the Los Angeles Kings, the Anaheim Ducks, the Vancouver Canucks, and the Calgary Flame! While the Sharks were at one time the new team of the league—now at TWENTY FIVE years old and celebrating their twenty five years in the NHL, the Sharks are one of the old teams as the young franchises like the Coyotes and the Predators! These Sharks fans are a loyal long lasting fan base! So get your SHARKS TICKETS NOW! Contact Captain ticket to get your best ticket, the Sharks Ticket!

San Jose Sharks Fun Facts:

The Sharks will be celebrating their 25th season in the league. While that may be much younger than some of the teams that made up the league before the Sharks entered in 1991—how many teams came in after the Sharks—if one were to look at the 1991 NHL conference brackets, they’d be amazed how the league has changed so much! Just after the Sharks entered the league, the Ottawa Senators entered the league the next year as did the Tampa Bay Lightning. In 1993 the Ducks and Florida Panthers entered the league and the Minnesota North Stars relocated to be the Dallas Stars. In 1995 the Quebec Nordiques relocated to Colorado to become the Avalanche. In 1996 the Winnipeg Jets moved to Arizona to be the Phoenix Coyotes. The Hartford Whalers became the Carolina Hurricane in 97. The Nashville Predators entered the league in 1998. The next season welcomed the Atlanta Thrashers and 2000 welcomed the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Minnesota Wild! The next move—the Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg and brought back the Jets! Wow! 



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